The CHORDS Server

Follow a few simple steps to create a personal CHORDS server in the Cloud.

Your observations will go into a database (rolling archive) connected to the server.

The server is completely yours. You manage it with your browser.

Submit and Monitor Data

Use simple HTTP queries to send real-time data to the server.

Use a browser to monitor instrument performance and data communications.

Easily detect instrument problems and system performance issues.

Stream Data Out

Use web forms on the server to download data files.

Pull data into programs and web pages using just a few lines of code. All common languages provide simple methods for this.

Build monitoring applications to automatically track your measurements.

Forward your data to other standards-based cloud services. CHORDS will provide automatic registration functions for connecting to visualization, mapping, data federation and other such services. (Upcoming feature)

title The CHORDS project is inspired and funded by the
National Science Foundation EarthCube initiative.