Active CHORDS Portals

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Actively collecting data across a range of science interests

NCAR (weather station data in the Boulder, Colorado and Cheyenne, Wyoming areas)

3D (weather data from many sources around the world using the inexpensive 3D-PAWS stations developed at NCAR using 3D-printer technology)

3D Zambia (3D-PAWS stations in Zambia)

3D Kenya (3D-PAWS stations in Kenya)

Tanzania Volcano (real-time data from the Tanzania Volcano Observatory at the Ol Doinyo Lengai volcano)

ARPA (weather station data from Torino, Italy used by the Agenzia Regionale per la Protezione Ambientale)

Open-Storm (water depth sensors for real-time flood forecasting in the Dallas/Fort Worth region)

SugarTech (home-grown, crowd-funded weather data and total precipitation gauge data from Colorado and Oregon)

csu-hail (hail sensors used for verification of radar hail estimates in the Dallas/Fort Worth region)

IS-GEO (Sensor network from the IS-GEO 2018 RCN on the big island of Hawaii)

In the works and/or awaiting configuration for a future deployment