NetCDF CF Conventions for RADAR and LIDAR data in radial coordinates

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NetCDF CF-compliant file format for RADAR and LIDAR data

Mike Dixon, EOL, NCAR, Boulder, CO, USA

The purpose of CfRadial is to provide scientists, researchers and operators with a NetCDF-based data file format that stores data from scanning RADARs and LIDARs in the radial (polar) coordinate system native to the instrument.

CfRadial is designed to store both the data and the metadata in a lossless manner.

NetCDF is widely used by the scientific community because it makes complicated data sets readily available to users in a self-describing manner.

The CF conventions were designed to provide a standard for sharing data in the Climate and Forecasting research community. The use of CF has now spread thoughtout the geosciences community.

The detailed documentation for CfRadial can be found here.