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Workshop Information and Outputs

Summer 2024 Workshop at Florida State University

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Fall 2023 Workshop at University of Colorado Boulder

Project Description

This research coordination network (RCN) will advance the standardization and adoption of Persistent Identifiers (PIDs) for research facilities and instruments nationally. PIDs are widely seen as foundational to open science in that PIDs uniquely identify various entities in the research ecosystem. While many categories of PIDs have come a long way in terms of standardization and adoption (examples: DOIs for publications, ORCIDs for researchers), this project is focused on the need to advance the standardization and adoption of PIDs for other categories of entities in the research ecosystem which have not progressed as far, namely for research facilities and instruments. The scientific communities which this RCN will support include the biomedical sciences, the geosciences, informatics, and many or most other scientific fields which utilize specialized facilities and equipment in the research process.

While persistent identifiers are already being assigned to facilities and research equipment in a few limited cases, significantly more community adoption and standardization is needed to address the entire research ecosystem. This project builds on activities already being undertaken such as RRIDs (Research Resource Identifiers), and will convene a series of workshops and stakeholder engagements to better understand the field and current practice, develop principles of design for new PIDs, and work to generalize these principles toward practical application, thereby aiming to achieve tangible outcomes for open science.

Project Outputs



Project Investigators

Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson is Associate Professor and Lead for Data and Scholarly Communication Services in the Center for Research Data and Digital Scholarship at the University of Colorado Boulder Libraries. His work includes research data management and curation efforts, open access publishing initiatives, and overall strategy for the CU Scholar open access repository. Johnson’s research interests focus on emerging services and infrastructure for research data management and curation, open access publishing, and open science, particularly with regard to interdisciplinary and highly collaborative research.

Renaine Julian

Renaine Julian is the head STEM librarian at Florida State University Libraries. In this role he collaborates with and oversees a team of science librarians that provide research and learning support to STEM faculty by delivering innovative and impactful library services. Renaine has a masters in science in Urban and Regional Planning, a masters in library information studies and a BS in political science from Florida State University. Renaine’s research interests include scientific communication, open science, and academic library administration.

Matt Mayernik

Matt Mayernik is a Project Scientist and Research Data Services Specialist in the NCAR/UCAR Library. He is also the Deputy Director of the NCAR Library. His work is focused on research and service development related to research data curation and digital scholarship generally. He is also the Joint Editor-in-Chief of the Data Science Journal.

Claudius Mundoma

Claudius Mundoma is the Director of Shared Instrumentation Facilities in the Office of Vice Provost and Dean of Research at Stanford University. He leads the strategy implementation and evaluation of the Shared Research Platforms initiative as well as oversees planning of future activities that elevate Stanford’s shared facilities to the next level. Among many core duties, he collaborates with shared facilities leadership to address strategic and operational issues that impact the community, and supports development of new services to advance Stanford’s research and education missions. Before coming to Stanford, he led the Core Facilities and Shared Instrumentation team as the inaugural Director in the Research and Innovation at the University of Colorado Boulder. Before that, he directed the Physical Biochemistry Facility in the Institute of Molecular Biophysics at Florida State University for nearly two decades.

Matthew Murray

Matthew Murray (he/they) is a Data Librarian at the Center for Research Data and Digital Scholarship at University of Colorado Boulder Libraries where he provides support for research data management and curation to faculty, students, and researchers. His current research interests include investigating preservation of 3D-printed data and other types of data physicalization.

Aditya Ranganath

Aditya Ranganath is a data librarian at the Center for Research Data and Digital Scholarship (CRDDS) at the University of Colorado Boulder Libraries, where he collaborates with members of the CU community on data-intensive tasks that span the research data lifecycle.

Greg Stossmeister

Greg Stossmeister is the Manager of the Data Management & Services Facility at the NCAR Earth Observing Laboratory (EOL). His work is focused on providing real-time data support to scientific field campaigns through the EOL Field Catalog and providing advanced data services and archival and access to field campaign datasets through the EOL Field Data Archive.

Advisory Committee

Anita Bandrowski

Anita is the founder and CEO of SciCrunch, a company devoted to improving reproducibility in science by working with publishers. Anita also founded the Resource Identification Initiative, which provides RRIDs for resources such as antibodies, model organisms, cell lines, plasmids, and research instruments.

David S. Butcher

David is the FAIR data management specialist at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, managing the implementation of FAIR and open science practices across the MagLab’s diverse user facilities. He is also a faculty member of the MagLab’s Ion Cyclotron Resonance department, focusing on biological applications of mass spectrometry and top-down proteomics.

Matthew Buys

Matthew Buys is the Executive Director of DataCite, an international organization that provides Digital Object Identifier (DOI) registration services. DataCite supports over 1,200 organizations from 50 countries, and supports the assignment of PIDs and metadata to a wide variety of research resources, including facilities and instruments.

Danielle Cooper and Dylan Ruediger

Danielle and Dylan are from from Ithaka S+R, a not-for-profit research organization that specializes in leveraging cross-sector engagement with academic administration and leadership, scholarly communications, scholarly societies, libraries, and information technology services. Danielle is Director, Libraries, Scholarly Communication and Museums; Dylan is Program Manager, Research Enterprise. They are both experts on maximizing opportunities for researcher sharing to advance FAIR and open science principles, for example, in a current NSF-funded project on Leveraging Data Communities to Advance Open Science.

Nate Herzog

Nate is the CoreMarketplace project lead at the Vermont Biomedical Research Network (VBRN). The CoreMarketplace (CM) is a searchable listing of active core facilities. Its purpose is to provide this directory of research facilities to the scientific community. It also furthers research by highlighting citable resources within a listing for scientific publication. It serves over 225 institutions, and lists over 1000 active research facilities.

Kevin Knudtson

Kevin is the current President of the Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities (ABRF). ABRF is the leading membership organization of members working within or in support of resource and research biotechnology laboratories. Kevin is a member of the ABRF Core Facilities Rigor and Reproducibility Committee whose goal is to improve transparency of research through the use of PIDs.

Giri Prakash

Giri is the Section Head of the Earth System Informatics and Data Discovery section at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He is responsible for overseeing data center groups that manage the earth and environmental data centers.

Shelley Stall

Shelley is the Sr. Director for Data Leadership for the American Geophysical Union (AGU). Shelley is a leader in the Earth science publishing industry, serving as a community organizer for data repositories and publishers to develop community conventions for the use of PIDs in scientific publications (Stall et al, 2019).

Shawna Sadler

Shawna leads the Outreach & Partnerships work at ORCID. In this role, she builds strategic relationships worldwide and explores new opportunities for adoption and growth. Previously, Shawna was ORCID’s Engagement Manager for the Americas continuing the adoption and integration of ORCID in North, Central and South America and the Caribbean.

Zach Chandler

Project Award Information

NSF Award 2226396
NSF Award 2226397
NSF Award 2226398

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