Workshop - From Jupyter Notebook to Web Server: Containerizing Interactive Visualizations#

The ESDS Events Working Group is hosting a hybrid workshop on June 20th, from 9am until noon.

Link to the event page in Sundog

The event will be hosted at the Mesa Lab, located at 1850 Table Mesa Dr, Boulder, CO 80305. In order to attend the event virtually, registered participants will receive an email from Taysia Peterson roughly one week prior to the event with Zoom details.


Registration closes on June 17th Link to registration form

What is it?#

This workshop guides participants through the process of transforming an interactive visualization from a Jupyter Notebook into a Python-based web server. Attendees will learn how to create and run a containerized version of the web server, gaining practical skills in containerization and deployment. Additionally, the workshop will explore automation techniques for building container images and introduce hosting options available via the CISL On-premise Cloud Pilot, empowering participants to leverage cloud infrastructure for their projects. Here is a link to the code repository containing a notebook that walks through the workshop content.

Who should attend?#

All UCAR staff interested in creating containers to host Python based interactive visualizations as web servers.

Code of Conduct