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Batch Processing Jupyter Notebooks with Papermill

Jupyter notebooks are really good for doing the heavy lifting of data analysis by:

Allowing you to showcase your work in a single place. You can see the complete “paper trail” of what was done. This includes the code, results, visuals and the narrative accompanying your analysis.

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Reading WRF data into Xarray and Visualizing the Output using hvPlot

The typical data workflow within the Python ecosystem when working with Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) data is to use the wrf-python package! Traditionally, it can be difficult to utilize the xarray data model with WRF data, due to a few challenges:

WRF data not being CF-compliant (which makes it hard for xarray to properly construct the dataset out of the box using xr.open_dataset)


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Writing multiple netCDF files in parallel with xarray and dask

A typical computation workflow with xarray consists of:

reading one or more netCDF files into an xarray dataset backed by dask using xr.open_mfdataset() or xr.open_dataset(chunks=...),


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