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ESDS at SciPy 2023

ESDS had a sizable presence at SciPy 2023 this year! Many of us shared our work in a formal capacity through tutorials, talks, and posters–most of these were recorded and have resources available publicly online, which we’ve compiled below. There were also lots of opportunities to make connections with people doing work in the broader scientific Python ecosystem outside of our organization. It was very cool to see lots of different tools, projects, and workflows.

The conference proceedings from this and prior years are now published as well. You can find published slides, posters, and articles for some of the conference’s presentations at the link above.

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SciPy Conference 2021 Takeaways

A couple weeks ago, I had an opportunity to (virtually) attend the Scientific Computing with Python (SciPy) Conference! The conference consisted of three primary sections:

Tutorials (Monday/Tuesday)

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CESM Diagnostics Discussion

Every year, NCAR holds the Community Earth System Model (CESM) Workshop which brings together the CESM community to discuss relavant updates from the working groups as well as featured speakers and cross-working group discussions.

During the Software Engineering Working Group (SEWG) session, following a variety of talks, there was an open discussion regarding the current state of CESM diagnostics and future plans for collaboration.


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Dask Distributed Summit 2021 Takeaways

Cloud optimized datasets help improve speed of analysis

Entire 4 TB datasets open up in a few seconds

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