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What I’ve learned about debugging

It can be easy to get discouraged when working on a coding problem. When you think you’ve solved a problem in your code, it turns out that you misunderstood or didn’t fully grasp the root of the problem. Then, you’re facing a new coding challenge where the computer continually returns a different result than expected. This can turn into a game of cat and mouse as you chase down the bugs that are in the way of your new shiny feature being implemented.

When this happens to me, I feel disheartened and imposter syndrome creeps up - and then I can shut down, wishing that coding was easier. For me, the silver lining here is that a lot of my work is geared towards educating geoscientists to be better coders. Despite always being STEM-oriented in my passions and work, coding can be hard. This is the experience for a lot of people, and certainly is the experience for a lot of the scientists I have worked with. Reflecting on my own struggles in my own software development practices, can help me teach coding from empathetic and helpful perspectives.


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Debugging dask workflows: Detrending

Detrending - subtracting a trend, commonly a linear fit, from the data - along the time dimension is a common workflow in the climate sciences.

Here’s an example


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Debugging Intake-ESM Process for Reading in CMIP6

This post was motivated by a post from Steve Yeager @sgyeager, who ran into an error when attempting to read in CMIP6 data via intake-esm.

For those who are unfamiliar with intake-esm, be sure to read over the documentation! The user guide even includes an entire portion of their site on looking at CMIP6 data. These resources would be a great place to start.

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