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Privacy Policy

These interactives (collectively the "Apps") were created and provided by the Computational Information Systems Laboratory at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR).

  1. What Data Do We Collect? The Apps do not store, collect, send, or manage any personal data of any kind. The Apps can access the camera on your mobile device to perform an image capture function needed to perform tasks within the Apps. The Apps do not store or transmit any information captured by the camera.

    If you provide personal information to communicate with UCAR, UCAR will process such information for the specific and limited purposes for which is provided. For example, we may collect and use personal data to respond to a question or to communicate with you for other purposes.

  2. Use of Data Collected by the Apps. The Apps do not store, collect, send, or manage any personal data of any kind.

  3. Sharing of Information. Certain partners and outside contractors hired by UCAR have access to user information in order to assist UCAR in carrying out security, financial and operational activities. From time to time, UCAR may also share user information with its sponsors, auditors and consultants. Additionally, UCAR reserves the right to share user information with any entity that is an affiliate or successor in interest to UCAR or UCAR’s management of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). Except as described in Section 3 hereof, UCAR will not distribute your information to third parties.

  4. Legal Requirements. UCAR may access and disclose any and all available user information to the extent necessary to meet national security, public interest, or legal process requirements, such as a court order or subpoena.

  5. Interaction with Children. The Apps offer some limited educational content that may be of interest to students under 13. No personally identifiable information is collected from these visitors unless voluntarily submitted as a request for information or educational services. The information supplied is used to respond to the user’s inquiries or to provide educational services requested by the user. Students are advised to consult with their parents before giving any personal information online.

  6. Privacy Contact Information
    Please include your name, address, and e-mail address when you contact us.

    University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
    c/o Office of General Counsel
    3090 Center Green Drive
    Boulder, CO 80301

    By e-mail: privacy@ucar.edu