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Regridding High Resolution Observations to a High Resolution Model Grid

In this example, we will cover how to leverage a useful package from the Pangeo Ecosystem, xESMF. One important note when using this package, is make sure you are using the most up-to-date documentation/version, a few years ago, development moved to the pangeo-data branch of the package, installable using the following:

For this example, we will download a file from the World Ocean Atlas, which includes a variety of ocean observations assembled from the World Ocean Database.


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Comparing Atmospheric Model Output with Observations Using Intake-ESM

Comparing models and observations is a critical component of climate diagnostic packages. This process can be challenging though - given the number of observational datasets to compare against, and the difference in spatiotemporal resolutions. In the previous iteration of the diagnostics package used for atmospheric data from the Community Earth System Model (CESM), they used pre-computed, observational datasets stored in a directory on the GLADE filesystem (/glade/p/cesm/amwg/amwg_diagnostics/obs_data)

Within this example, we walk though generating an intake-esm catalog from the observational data, reading in CESM data, and compare models and observations

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