Advanced Plotting Tutorial#

The NCAR/UCAR virtual Python Tutorial Seminar Series continues with Advanced Plotting Techniques on Wednesday, October 27th at 1 PM Mountain. This session will be led by Anissa Zacharias.

The content for this tutorial is hosted on Anissa’s matplotlib-tutorial GitHub repository (the same repository as her previous plotting tutorials).


If you did attend the previous plottling tutorials (and have cloned this repository before):

  • Stash their local changes with git add . and git stash

  • Pull in upstream changes to the repository with git pull

  • Update the conda environment with conda env update -f environment.yml

If you did not attend the past plotting-related tutorials:

  • Check your conda install if this is the first tutorial in the series you are joining us for with conda --version and if necessary install by following these instructions.

  • Navigate to Anissa’s Matplotlib Tutorial Github Repository.

  • Clone this repository by running git clone

  • Create a Conda environment from the environment.yml file with the terminal by first moving into the matplotlib-tutorial directory with cd matplotlib-tutorial and then typing conda env update --file environment.yml

  • Activate your environment in the terminal with conda activate matplotlib-tutorial.

  • Test your installation by launching JupyterLab with jupyter lab.

It would be beneficial to review the past plotting-related tutorials: Matplotlib, Cartopy, and Plotting with GeoCAT.

Sign Up#

If you would like join the Google group to be informed of updates and events in the seminar series, please do so by following this link and clicking “Join Group” next to the group name.