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Analyzing and Visualizing CAM-SE Output in Python

We demonstrate a variety of options for analyzing and visualizing output from the Community Atmosphere Model (CAM) with the spectral element (SE) grid in Python. This notebook was developed for the ESDS Collaborative Work Time on Unstructured Grids, which took place on April 17, 2023. A recap of the related CAM-SE discussion can be found here.

Regrid CAM-SE output using map file


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Regridding using xESMF and an existing weights file

A fairly common request is to use an existing ESMF weights file to regrid a Xarray Dataset (1, 2). Applying weights in general should be easy: read weights then apply them using dot or tensordot on the input dataset.

In the Xarray/Dask/Pangeo ecosystem, xESMF provides an interface to ESMF for convenient regridding, includiing parallelization with Dask. Here we demonstrate how to use an existing ESMF weights file with xESMF specifically for CAM-SE.


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