Object Oriented Programming Tutorial#

The NCAR/UCAR virtual Python Tutorial Seminar Series continues with a lesson on Object Oriented Programming on November 10th at 1 PM Mountain Standard Time led by Dr. Kevin Paul.

The content for this seminar tutorial is hosted on Kevin’s Object Oriented Programming Tutorial Repository.


Dr. Kevin Paul is a computational physicist and software engineer working in the Computational & Information Systems Lab at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. Dr. Paul is the head of the Experimental Development Team (Xdev) and is passionate about open source development and teaching Python to Earth system scientists.


This tutorial is designed to be launched from Binder.

  • Click the “Launch Binder” button at the top level of the repository.

You may also download the tutorial from GitHub to run it locally:

  • Check your conda install with conda --version and if necessary install by following these instructions.

  • Clone this repository by running git clone https://github.com/kmpaul/pg2oop in your terminal.

  • Still in the terminal, create a Conda environment with Jupyter installed by executing conda create --name pg2oop jupyterlab

  • Still in the terminal, move into the pg2oop directory with cd pg2oop

  • Activate your environment in the terminal with conda activate pg2oop.

  • Launch the tutorial with JupyterLab by typing jupyter lab and then clicking on the index.ipynb file in Jupyter Lab’s file browser.

Sign Up#

If you would like join the learnpython@ucar.edu Google group to be informed of updates and events in the seminar series, please do so by following this link and clicking “Join Group” next to the group name.