Our modeling tools.

hydrologic modeling

a new framework that provides multiple options to simulate all dominant biophysical and hydrologic processes from the treetops to the stream, particularly useful to characterize uncertainty

Streamflow Forecasting

an integrative prediction framework that uses new science-based techniques for real-time hydrologic flood and drought forecasting

quasi-dynamical downscaling

an approach that uses simplified wind dynamics to perform high-resolution simulations 100 to 1000 times faster than a traditional atmospheric model

Meteorological Datasets

a tool that generates high-quality, probabilistic gridded meteorological fields for use in climate model evaluation, hydrologic modeling, and hydrologic data assimilation

Streamflow Routing

a multi-method, continental-domain routing model that efficiently routes streamflow from any distributed hydrologic model through river networks, not just changes on a grid

Parameter estimation

a model-independent, flexible parameter estimation application that enables continental-domain application of multiple hydrologic models in a spatially consistent way



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