Contributing to Vapor’s Documentation#

Vapor uses the Sphinx documentation generator.

To contribute to Vapor’s documentation, follow the three steps below. Python version 3.7 or higher is required.

  1. Install the following requirements. There is more than one way to do this, and pip is one recommendation.

python -m pip install sphinx
python -m pip install sphinx_rtd_theme
python -m pip install sphinx_gallery
python -m pip install xarray
python -m pip install numpy
python -m pip install matplotlib
  1. Checkout Vapor’s readTheDocs branch, then enter the docs directory.

cd ~/VAPOR
git checkout readTheDocs
cd docs
  1. Explore Vapor’s documentation by reading and editing the .rst files in this directory, then build the documentation

make html

The documentation .html files will be written in the html directory (ie. ~/VAPOR/docs/html) for viewing in a web browser.