Image Renderer#


The Image Renderer displays a georeferenced image that is automatically reprojected and fit to the user’s data. The image may be offset by a height variable to show bathymetry or mountainous terrain.

Basic Controls#

This renderer contains a subset of Vapor’s standard renderer controls: the Variables, Appearance, and Geometry tabs.

The Image Renderer’s Appearance tab does not contain a transfer function since it is not rendering any variable with color or opacity.

Georeferenced Images#

Georeferenced images may be selected in the Appearance tab. Vapor comes bundled with two georeferenced image products: NaturalEarth, and BigBlueMarble. However these are global images that may not have the resolution you need, depending on the size of your simulation domain.

The example below ( will show you how to generate your own georeferenced image using NASA’s WorldView map server. For a list of available WorldView layers, you can see this document. These layers can also be previewed at NASA’s EarthView webpage.

Height Variable#

Renderers that work with 2D data can make use of a height variable. When a height variable is specified in the Variables tab, the rendering in the two-dimensional plane willbe offset by the values of that height variable.

An Image and Wireframe renderer making use of a height variable, offsetting their 2D planes#
../../_images/imageHeight.png ../../_images/wireframeHeight.png

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