A low cost, modular, extensible, and pint sized 3D printed weather station based on Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology. Become part of our open source community to build, contribute, and deploy OpenIoTwx.

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All parts can be 3D printed with most segments taking under 5 hours to complete on a standard 3D printer. Total print time of full station and base level assessories is 35 hours on an entry level printer.


The station, its sensors, power source, and data transmission can all be configured to fit your needs, with a focus on low complexity to reduce time to data. No soldering. No breadboarding. No EE or CS degree required.


openIoTwx can be deployed where you want (and have the permission to use). It can even be attached to mobile systems such as storm chasing vehicles, rovers, or boats. The possibilities are endless ... perhaps even Martian deployments are possible.

Powered by Open Source

openIoTwx is powered by open source, FAIR and CARE the principles. The platform is committed to community-maintained data sovereignty and control. We value collaboration, transparency, data sharing, and respect for privacy, while at the same time encouraging open, auditable, hackable, and solution-oriented systems.

Built on Open Architectures

openIoTwx is built on Arduino, Micropython, and Linux, with a "click-and-play" approach to hardware. We encourage custom hardware sensor development, but also support Qwiic, Grove connectors supported by vendors such as Adafruit, Seeedstudio, Zio and Sparkfun. All code, designs, and data management tools such as CHORDS or Thingsboard are built on open architectures and protocols.

Driven by the Community

Since 2018, we have been building a community dedicated to the advancement of understanding earth systems science through the use of open source technologies and low cost sensors.

Connect with openIoTwx on the Fediverse.

We are also forming the Earth System Science IoT Community in collaboration with partner IoT community projects.