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Printing out the station

Attached in this document are all of the .stl (3d printing files) for the various housing components.

While we didn't feel it made sense to share gcodes for the various printing operations, here are some thoughts for settings:

  1. Stay fairly near manufacturers' suggestions for bed and nozzle temperatures unless you are a seasoned 3D printer.
  2. Lower support densities and/or use tree supports to save material, limit post-processing, and increase print quality.
  3. Print multiple parts at once. It saves time.
  4. Print the cap and lid lock for air quality sideways, it'll increase quality significantly.
  5. Print the orb housing with tree supports so that the top threading forms correctly.

Base Unit

Orb Housing

Orb Housing Orb Housing - Orb Housing STL File

Base attachments

Rain gauge

RG15 RG15 - Rain Gauge STL File

UV tube

UV - UV tube STL File

UV cap

UV - UV Cap STL File UV

Radiation shield

Radiation Radiation - Radiation Shield STL File

Air quality body

AQ Housing - Air quality body STL File

Air quality Cap

AQ lid lock - Air quality lid lock STL File

Key Accessories

closed - Closed cap STL File open - Open cap STL File PVC Adapter - Threading to PVC adapter STL File - Vented Cap STL File