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openIoTwx is made up of a diverse community, all contributing to build, customize, and deploy weather stations. A core belief of ours is that these stations should be accessible for all researchers no matter the size of the institution, the scale of the planned work, the discipline of the research, or the background of the user.

All are welcome to help with this project, no degree in computer science or engineering needed. Our community includes students, faculty, and staff from community colleges and universities, citizen scientists, and other interested community members.

Historically, the same communities that aren’t represented in climate and geosciences are the ones that are least resilient and most at risk of significant impact from climate change.

Furthermore, such communities are often over-represented when looking at so-called "data deserts" and gaps in observation networks. These communities are at continued risk of the worst outcomes of climate change, and communities in data deserts are often under-represented in climate change science and policy discussions, STEM fields, and in the ongoing open source IoT revolution. Our community will contribute to the development of a democratized, diverse, and globally competitive STEM workforce, providing opportunities to immediately translate interest into climate change resiliency, data analysis and policy management.