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How to follow these instructions

We, the Open IoTwx team, have worked to make the documentation for making your own station as friendly as possible. That being said, this project does require some care and effort, so we thought we'd include something of a step-by-step for you to refer to in case you find yourself a little lost.

  1. Give this documentation a quick read-through. See what this project entails and what you need to learn or already know.
  2. Make a plan. Figure out what 3d printer you'll buy/use, which sensors you want to attach, etc.
  3. Download all the needed software. It's always good to make sure your computer can do what you need.
  4. Get your materials. Buy the items you need so you can streamline the process when parts arrive.
  5. Start printing. This step takes the most time so it's good to get the printer running early.
  6. Flash your microcontroller. This step may seem confusing but just follow the page carefully and it'll start making sense.
  7. Setup your modem (if necessary for your configuration) according to manufacturers instructions. Often this just means activating your sim card on the company website and plugging it into the usb modem.
  8. Test your sensors. Make sure everything is working before you put it into the 3d-printed assembly.
  9. Assemble your station. Put all the pieces together and give it a quick test before putting it in the field.
  10. Deploy your station. Follow the steps for choosing a proper site and put your new weather station out in the field.