Welcome to AspenDocs

AspenDocs is the documentation site for the Atmospheric Sounding Processing ENvironment (ASPEN) software. This documentation site is a work in progress and consists of several sections:

  • The User Manual, which covers the operation of Aspen, descriptions of its user interface and input/output formats, an overview of the quality control procedures, and how to make common processing modifications.
  • The Architecture section, which describes the design of the Aspen codebase.
  • The Formulas section, which documents equations used to perform calculations in Aspen.
  • The QC Algorithms section, which provides details on each quality control process that Aspen applies.
  • The WMO Message Algorithms section, which describes the algorithms used to generate WMO messages from quality-controlled data.


Aspen and AspenDocs are developed by the Earth Observing Laboratory at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. Aspen was created by Charlie Martin and is now developed by Isabel Suhr.

Aspen Software

Downloads of the latest version of Aspen for all operating systems are available on the EOL website.

Offline Documentation

The User Manual portion of AspenDocs is available in PDF format for offline use:


Please email the Aspen mailing list at eol-aspen@ucar.edu with any questions or comments.

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